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Studied Greek art while travelling. Continued his studies in Paris with a French government scholarship. Showed his work in more than 20 solo exhibitions in various cities in Greece and in Paris. Took part in numerous group exhibitions and international events, including: Panhellenic exhibitions (1965, 1967, 1975), Sao Paulo Biennale (1979), Engraving Biennale (Baden-Baden, 1981). Has also worked in miniature sculpture and stage design. Received the Drouant-Cartier award 1984.

Karavouzis’s preferred subjects are still lifes and mysterious exteriors and interiors. The structure of his works is clear, spare, and solid. The influence of Morandi’s style and of pittura metafisica is selectively apparent in his compositions. The illusion of real space and time is dispensed with and replaced by visual comments on the meaning of past and present, the historical moment, and the presence and absence of simple objects.