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Painter Nikos Vavatsis was born in Thessaloniki, where he still lives and works. After completing his studies in Graphic Art –in the late 80s- he began a creative journey with a wide scope of themes and techniques: public mural, stage design, mixed technique illustrations. At 2012 the painter presents -for the first time- homocentric paintings, which till today constitute his basic interest. He has completed 15 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions. You’ll find his work both in private collections and institution and museum collections.
“What inspires me ,is the human being. The human face and the plethora of its expressions as a record of feelings. Having a strong tendency to abstruction and through overlapping brushstrokes, I am trying to highlight our finite existence.”

Solo exhibitions
2021:Domes Miramare, Κέρκυρα
2021: Domes Miramare, Elounda,Crete
2020:«The Big White Gallery», Μykonos
2020:«Nord» ,Spetses
2020:”Art Fair Milan 20”
2019:Ochra Blue, Art Gallery, Μyrina, Limnos
2019:«The Big White Gallery», Μykonos
2018:«The Big White Gallery», Μykonos
2017: “Art Zone 42 Gallery”, “Red Line”, Athens
2021:Hyatt Regency Hotel,Thessaloniki
2019:Balkan Art Gallery, Xanthi
2019:Gallery “exi”, Thessaloniki
2018:Gallery “Art Zone 42”, “Being in-finite”, Athens
2016:Νord Gallery,”faces”, Spetses Island
2016:Balkan Art Gallery,«Faces»,Xanthi

2015:Vouleftiko,First Parliament of Greeks ,Nafplio

2015: Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki(Myro Antiques house)

2014: Vouleftiko,First Parliament of Greeks ,Nafplio

2013:Gallery «Κούρος Ευρωπού»of culture,Κilkis

2013:«Myrό Gallery»”,’Project room’ ,Thessaloniki

2012: “Aleka΄s House”,Altera Natura,Tsagarada Pilion

2010:Vafopoulio Cultural Center,Thessaloniki

2008:Gallery «Paraoro »,Chania Crete

2008 :Cafe «Defacto»,Thessaloniki

2008:”Aleka΄s House”, Tsagarada Pilion

2007: Cafe «Defacto»,Thessaloniki

2006: Cafe gallery «Parallilos», Thessaloniki

2005: ”Aleka΄s House”, Thessaloniki

2004:Cafe gallery «Parallilos», Thessaloniki

Group exhibitions

2016:«The Big White Gallery»,Mykonos

2016:«Nord» ,Spetses

2016:«Poeta»,cooperative bookstore -cafe,«Scream»,Thessaloniki

2016:«Ro Gallery»,Because of the crisis,I’m giving you my child ,Thessaloniki

2015: Cheap Art,Cyprus,Nicosia,Limassol

2015: Cheap Art 80η ,Thessaloniki

2015:«The Βig White Gallery»,Mykonos

2015:Cheap Art,Αthens

2014:Hotel Capsis, Thessaloniki

2014:Cheap Art, Thessaloniki

2014:Cheap Art 20,Αthens

2013:«Myrό Gallery»,“Meet the artist” ,Thessaloniki

2012:Arts and antiques Fair,(Athos Palace,6-8 July,Chalkidiki)

2011:«Myrό Gallery», Asma Asmaton, Thessaloniki

2011:«Myrό Gallery», The human in cities, Thessaloniki

2008:Gallery «Papatzikou»,Veroia

2007:Gallery «Paraoro»,Chania Crete

2006:«Mylos», Thessaloniki
2006: Porto Valitsa,Paliouri Chalkidiki

2005:Gallery «Ballas K.»,Μykonos

2004: Porto Valitsa, Paliouri Chalkidiki

Artist’s Work