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 Marina Koraki was born in Athens in 1981.

 She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Athens and graduated in 2006, supervised by Chronis Botsoglou. She further studied the arts of mosaic, stained glass and digital arts. At the Academia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan she studied stage design supervised by Campi Tiziana. She is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts.

 From 2002, she started participating in group and solo art exhibitions, as well as in art forums and art auctions in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France, Japan and the USA. Her artworks have been published in art magazines and artbooks abroad. Art critics Eurydice Trison Millsani and Jenifer Vignone have written about her artwork.

The main pursuits of her artistic activity are to delve into the essence of the concept of the psyche, how the condensation of energy becomes matter according to mathematical rules that govern our Universe, how the curvature of time enhances this sense and how we come to perceive the three-dimensional matrix of our human reality… Her artistic palette contains archetypal and philosophical symbols combined with studies on quantum physics and anthropology, with Art Deco influences. She has edited scenography sets for children’s and theatrical performances and is internationally represented by various art galleries and networks.

Artist’s Work

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