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JEAN JACQUES DELEVAL (1945 – ) is a passionate representative of a modern pictorial vision that reconciles the classical and the modern, feeding and annihilate the new image which is born with a baroque and smiling imagination.

Deleval studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris and then went to Rome to perfect his art restoration techniques, following, as they say, Dali’s suggestion. This means that the artist knows a lot about painting, composition of colors, conservation and counterfeiting, and the advanced treatment of all those associated with it. Besides, he was also a restorer at the Louvre and has worked at the maintenance workshop of art dealer Daniel Wildenstein. The artist works in Brussels and the island of Formentera, where he resides.

It is obvious that an artist who has vast knowledge of the former art technique and has an interest in anything contemporary, studies and finally applies the gigantic potential that is given to him by processing images digitally. Numerous prints and posters with which we are confronted daily are up-graded in relation to a belief or an influence through the language of the ideal image. Defects disappear, lips become fuller or thinner depending on the needs, and you can add or remove things. The model is no longer recognized. The new reality refers more to the imagination.

That is how another kind of pop art is born which creates a new image of the world on the basis of recognizable symbols, which may be fitted comfortably. Surrealism is defined with a clear picture, the magic and the metamorphoses of the image is the work of a computer. The artist recalls his own consumer society and ours. He recreates the world in which we live. Deleval is presenting the mirror of this society

With the use of splash, he repeats elements which he cuts from the basic image, he adds signs and creates an atmosphere where the identifiable symbol is synonymous with an era, adorned by other unexpected problems related to the artist’s imagination and emotions from the plastic arts. The eccentric image is transported in a bright and seductive way.

Artist’s Work