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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Hijack is a contemporary artist who combines fine art and street art to create visual commentaries inspired by social and political issues. His work ranges from one color stencils to large-scale murals executed with painstaking realism. He is constantly challenging the status quo with his tongue-in-cheek signature style and dark humor.

The son of ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ star Mr. Brainwash, Hijack, grew up in a world surrounded and inspired by renowned street artists such as Invader, Banksy, and Shepard Fairey. He was able to observe first hand the creative processes of some of the world’s most prolific and successful street artists. He learned how to set up his own studio, how to approach a large-scale mural, and even how to stealthily–albeit illegally–put up stencil art. Upon learning the secrets of his trade, Hijack further expanded his skill set and underwent classical training to master oil painting. Focusing more on meaningful messaging and craft, his creative style has proven to be different than any of his contemporary peers’ brand of creativity.

Currently, with a seemingly never ending pandemic and ongoing national public unrest, Hijack has endless fodder to fuel his creative process. There is no telling what Hijack will do next but rest assured someone will be getting a giant middle finger in one form or another.

Artist’s Work