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George Penas was born in Corfu. He studied at the Island’s School of Art and studied at the Royal Art School of London and the Academy di Napoli. Since 1990 he has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad. His works are available in many galleries in Europe and in private collections in Greece, Italy and France.

Today he lives and works in Corfu where his artistic workshop is located, “hidden” in the traditional cantons of the city. His work remains an attraction for Greeks and foreigners who seek the magic and beauty of nature through the incredible compositions of rare flowers that emerge through his paintings.


1. Solo exhibition at Art Studio, Athens (1992)

2. Solo exhibition at Art Café, Corfu (1993)

3. Group exhibition in Aenaon, Athens (1993)

4. Individual exhibition at the Archaeological Museum of Corfu, Corfu (1998)

5. Group exhibition on “The painters of Corfu resist” at the Foyer Municipal Theatre, Corfu (1999)

6. Group exhibition at the French Institute, Corfu (2000)

7. Exhibition of the project “Corfu olive grove” at the Ionian Academy, Corfu (2002)

8. Group exhibition on “The Achilles” in Achillion Corfu, Corfu (2003)

9. Group exhibition on “Horses” at the Sallon de Cheval de Paris” venue, Paris (2004)

10. Group exhibition at the Olympic Equestrian Centre markopoulos, Athens (2004)

11. Individual exhibition at Stablus Gallery, Corfu (2004)

12. Collaboration with Expression Gallery, Athens (2005)

13. Collaboration with Gembloux Escape, Athens (2005)

14. Collaboration with Skyros Spiritual Center (2005)

15. Individual exhibition at the “Capricorn Art Space”, Athens (2008)

16. Group exhibition on “Dreams” at Enigma Gallery, Athens (2009)

17. Individual exhibition on “Nature and meditation” in the area “Old Flour Warehouses of the Old Fortress” under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Corfu (2010)

18. Permanent exhibition of the project “Paparunes” at The Saint George Lycabetus Hotel, Athens (2010)

19. Personal exhibition on “Reflections / Reflections” for the opening of the space 7 Arts Place, Corfu (2011)

20. Group exhibition on “Glory Praise” at the Municipal Gallery, Corfu (2011)

21. Collaboration with the company “DODONI S.A.” for the project “Primavera” with 130 copies, Athens (2017)

22. Permanent exhibition of works “Sunset & Sunrise” at Gallery Suis Generis, Geneva (2018)

23. Group exhibition on “The Corfu Painters” at Theotoki Estate, Corfu (2018)

24. Individual exhibition on “Corfu nature” in Puppet, Corfu (2019)

25. Individual exhibition on “Spring” at the “Old Fortress Chapel” under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture (2020 – suspension in the context of the pandemic crisis)

26. Group digital projection on “Corfu Easter” in collaboration with the Department of Arts, Sound and Image of the Ionian University.

27. Individual exhibition on “Spring” under the auspices of the Department of Arts, Sound and Image of the Ionian University. View with VR, Web VR, video and photogrammetry

Artist’s Work