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Working on the basis of "Packagings" and objects, strong and popular symbols of the consumer society, the artist Fred Allard explores different universes which are as many sources of inspiration for him…. By freezing these ephemeral objects in time, he gives them an eternal existence. These are real portraits that take
shape. By choosing the "bag" as the iconic object of his collections, he plays on a symbol that he hijacks by giving it a transparency that questions while bringing him a creative force largely impregnated with Pop Culture. He thus creates a cheeky mix of genres, transgressing codes and bringing together universes that are often opposed.His sculptures, based on objects compressed and frozen in resin, are Fred Allard's signature. Know-how – Fred Allard's sculptures are recognizable at first glance. The artist mainly uses the technique of inclusion. He composes and sculpts, compresses and crystallizes iconic products in resin inclusions. Fred Allard is in line with the protean current of the Nice school, notably César and his compressions, and Arman for his inclusions. Family workshop – Fred Allard has developed and refined this unique, artisanal technique in his family workshop in the Nice region, where he works with his two children and passes on his knowledge. Authenticity – By concentrating on his creative work and his workshop, where each gesture is meticulously studied, Fred Allard reveals all his authenticity as a craftsman and artist. Transparency – By opening the doors of his studio and allowing people to discover his work behind the scenes, the artist reveals his know-how in all transparency, transparency that is also found in the history and design of his works.

Artist’s Work

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