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DAVID GERSTEIN (1944 – ) born in 1944 in Jerusalem, has studied at the most prestigious art schools in the world such as: the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, the Beaux-Arts in Paris, the Art Student League of New York and finally the famous St Martin’s School of Art in London. This international path reveals his open spirit and his dynamism in his work.

A painter and sculptor of great talent, David Gerstein seeks to extend the limits of painting in the three-dimensional structure of his famous murals. David Gerstein delivers his vision of a poetic and joyful world through themes such as nature, sport, and city life, all of these in an explosion of colors.

His well-known, three-dimensional wall sculptures are rich in color, dynamic in character and fanciful in execution. Gerstein witnesses daily activities and mundane objects and transforms them into vibrant works of Happy Pop Art. In addition to the many private collections and galleries that house his creations, David’s work can be seen in prominent public installations and museums throughout the world

Artist’s Work

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